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    Help! VS 8.0i patch 10, bo:heap freezing PC

      I have a IBM T60P running XP and VirusScan 8.01 Enterprise Edition patched to 10.

      Yesterday McAfee started giving me bo:heap errors and freezing my PC within minutes of each bootup.

      I have about 20 messages. The first refers to Program Files\Messenger\msmsg.exe Get Proc Address. The rest of them are c:\Windows\explorer.exe: virtual protect All detected as Bo:Heap.

      I ran SuperAntiSpyware and deleted all files- mostly cookies.

      I couldnt find the.dll files mentioned though my PC froze before I could search for them- Just visually looked in the Program Files\Common folder.

      I read of disabling buffer overflow but I have also read that its not a good idea. I dont want to compromise security...

      I called the place I bought the PC from two years ago and they want to reimage. But I dont have all my software CDs anymore.

      Can anyone help?? I'm desperate!