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    McAfee ePO Agent 4.6 Patch 1 & Wake-Up Call issues on XP


      Currently testing the newly released ePO 4.6 Patch 1 ( agent. We have deployed it in a test environment with two XP systems, one Windows 7 & one Vista system.


      Have noticed that since upgrading, the two XP systems can no longer received agent wake-up calls. The hosts based firewall log shows TCP port 8081 being dropped. The strange thing is it used to work with epo agent 4.5. The XP firewall does have an exception for frameworkservice.exe which is listening on port 8081. Both the Windows 7 & Vista boxes are working fine. 


      McAfee tech support said that it is not their software as adding a port exception for port 8081 makes it work. He could not explain to me why it used to work with the frameworkservice.exe exception. I didn't add this exception so it was added my the McAfee installer.


      Has anyone else seen this? Also, what are other people using for exceptions to the client firewalls to allow wake-up calls to work. It seems strange that it has always worked with the default McAfee exception frameworkservice.exe and no doesn't work. We are not in a AD environment so don't have an easy way of deploying any additional firewall exceptions.


      Below is what we tested.


      EPO Agent + VSE 8.7i Patch 4 - agent wake-up calls work fine

      EPO Agent + VSE 8.8i Patch 1 - agent wake-up calls work fine.

      EPO Agent + VSE 8.8i Patch 1 - agent wake-up calls quit working on XP systems.