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    VirusScan Enterprise On-Access scanner gets disabled randomly sometimes?


      I'm running Vista 32-Bit SP1 with:
      VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5.0i
      Scan Engine Version (32-bit): 5300.2777
      DAT Version: 5489.0000
      DAT Created On: January 8 20009
      # Of signatures in extra.dat: None
      Names of threats that extra.dat can detect: None
      Buffer Overlfow and Access Protection DAT Version: 378
      Installed Patches: 7

      The repository that my suite accesses is the NAIHttp repository (The FTP one offered by my University has errors for some reason; NAIHttp is listed as "enabled fallback;" How can I make this the default?)
      I installed the program from my University's WebStore.

      I notice sometimes that when I first boot up or restart my computer, the On-Access scanner is disabled and Windows notifies me of this with the little popup in the system tray pointing out that my "antivirus is disabled." This is further corroborated by finding the red "circle/slash" icon upon the VirusScan icon in the system tray, and then when opening up the VirusScan console "On-Access Scanner" is disabled.

      This also happens randomly sometimes when the computer is on. Most recently, it happened just an hour or so ago. I went down to go grab some food and when I came up I found the same little prompt that my ViruScan was disabled. This is also weird as my VS console is locked with a password.

      I just built the computer a couple weeks ago and am only using it to play videogames. I don't have any extra programs installed besides Steam and World of Warcraft. I have some add-ons for the programs, but they are downloaded from legitimate sites and I scan everything with VS before extracting/installing it.

      Can anyone share some insight as to why this happens? I've installed the suite a couple times and have also run full scans of it, Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware, Windows Defender, etc., nothing has been found that could be "compromising." I am assuming it is a problem with the software itself or maybe the updating utility? I'm not sure.

      Thanks for your time in reading my wall of text!