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    ePO 4.6P1 is reporting the wrong OS version for systems

      Good day,

      I have a strange issue with the OS reported to the ePO from the RSD sensor/s. Under detected systems details the OS version is wrong or changing. For example a laptop with win 7 was reported with OS 2003 and after a while it changed to Vista.

      DNS name, Computer name, OS platform, OS family, Domain, Canonical Name, IP,MAC are correct. Only the OS version is wrong.

      ePO 4.6P1, RSD sensor=same as ePO. McAfee agent 4.6 no patch

      The McAfee agent and RSD were reinstalled, but the issue is still the same.

      The agent will be upgraded soon, but nothing in the release notes point to similar issue.

      The idea behind this is based on OS version automatic response to deploy agents to new detected systems.


      Any suggestions are welcome.