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    ePO 4.5 RSD Summary Dashboard missing



      i'm trying to access to the RSD Summary dashboard but i can see it in the Dashboard selection pane. Is it possible to recover it without deleting the custom dashboard?


      Thank you for your help!

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          Hi Julian,


          You can add multiple dashboard tabs to your dashboard.


          When you are on the dashboard, click on the Options arrow on the right upper corner and choose "Manage Dashboards."


          On the left-hand side, you will see various dashboards, including the RSD Summary dashboard. Click on it, make any changes you like, and select "Make Active."


          The RSD Summary dashboard will now appear as a tab under "dashboards." This will not delete any other dashboard tabs you may already have.








          I apologize, I misread your initial question.


          I think if the dashboard has been deleted you will need to recreate it. The actual queries behind the RSD Dashboard are probably still there.

          The dashboard has the following monitors which you can find in the list of queries. For me they are all under "Shared Groups - Rogue System Detection":


          • Rogue Systems by Domain (Last 7 days)
          • Active Sensor Response (Last 24 hours)
          • Subnet Coverage
          • Rogue Systems by OS (last 7 days)
          • Passive Sensor Response (last 24 hours)
          • Rogue Systems by OUI (last 7 days)





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            Hi Kmcin11,


            Thank you for your fast answer. You actually solved 95% of my problems thank you!


            The only queries missing is the : Rogue Systems by OS (last 7 days)


            How i can restore it?


            thx again!

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              Hi Julian,


              You can easily recreate the query if it is no longer there.


              1. Choose Queries from the menu

              2. Create New Query

              3. Choose "Detected Systems" and then "Detected System Interfaces"


              4. Pie Chart - Pie slice values are: "Number of Detected System Interfaces", checkmark "Show Total"

                  Labels are: Organization Name

                  Sort by: Value (Descending)

                  Maximum Items: 360


              4. Choose the following columns:

                  Computer Name, MAC Address, IP Address, Last Detected Time, Detection Source, Organization Name


              5. Choose "Last Detected Time" -> Is within the last -> 1 weeks

                  "Rogue" -> Equals -> True


              Save with the name Rogue Systems by OS (Last 7 days) and add it to the Shared Groups, Rogue System Detection.


              And now that you have it, you can add it as a monitor to your RSD Summary dashboard.



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                Hi kmcin11,


                thank you for your support i appreciate it!!