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    MEG 7.0 & McAfee NDLP

      Is McAfee Email Gateway compatible with McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention? (specifically the Prevent appliances)  I have heard different answers from McAfee Support, so I thought that I'd bring this up in the McAfee Communities site as well.  I have it currently successfully setup for our MEG 6.7.2 production environment, but after upgrading to MEG 7.0 in our test environment, I was unable to figure out how to configure the outbound mail traffic to reroute through the NDLP appliance.  I called McAfee Support and they stated that it is not compatible and there were no plans to add this capibility to MEG 7.0. However, a week later I talked to another McAfee Support tech and he said that is compatible but he was unaware of the setup procedures.