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    Mcafee VSE 8.7i disables itself


      Lately I've been having trouble to get VSE 8.7 up and running. After I install it, it works fine, but after a reboot it disables itself. When I try to start the Mcafee Mcshield service I encounter an error that says something along the lines of "The service has started but then stopped immidiatly, this could occur when a service has nothing to do".

      I've only encountered this problem on HP DC7900 computers so far. And my guess is that it has something to with the pre-installed McAfee Total Protection (of which I refuse to accept the terms of service, forcing it to uninstall itself).

      I've tried reinstalling several times, with different versions without success.

      Any help would be much appreciated!

      (and please excuse me for my English for it is not my native language)