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    Is mcafeeprotection.com a scam?


      Is mcafeeprotection.com a scam?


      At http://www.mcafeeprotection.com/E/mcafee-home.asp?

      McAfee Internet Security 2012 for 1 - 3 PCs is listed at $79.99

      minus a $45 Instant Discount, minus a $20 Mail-in-Rebate [I

      wonder who supplies it?], for an adjusted price of $14.99.

      And this applies both to first-time buyers and subscription



      At the top of the page, there are image files that say

      "McAfee Authorized Dealer" and "McAfee Secure: Tested 08-JAN."


      You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it

      probably is.


      I'm just worried that this is a spoof or a phish site.