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    MVM C: drive full

      Hi Anyone, i facing a problem with MVM with cause my C: drive free space become 0 byte once perform scanning. after i deleted the old log file and it full again after scanning performed. appreciate that anyone can advise how to move to log from C: drive to D: drive because it had a larger disk space and how to configure to make sure that the drive will not full again in the future? any impact of moving log file?






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          hi Chris,


          You can change the location of the logs via the registry entry:

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Foundstone\FoundScan\General Settings\Log Files


          After you change it to D:, bounce the FSLogDispatcher Service to have it reflect the change.


          It sounds like maybe when you upgraded you accepted the installer defaults vs. setting the installation location back over to the D: drive?  Since C: is so much smaller on the appliances it's recommended you specify D: for the install directory.  You might want to move everything back over to D: at some point  via a reinstall.