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    How do I get my files back after FakeAlert?

      I have been fighting with FakeAlert!grb for several days and think I finally have it cleaned up but my Desktop is still black with few icons and there is nothing in my startup menu. I am quite illiterate when it comes to this stuff. I ran my McAfee antivirus in safe mode and it quartentined several FakeAlert and then I ran Malwarebytes and it quarrantined PUM.Hijack.start ? . I ran both scans this morning and both are clean, but I still can't find my stuff. I also get an error report that I need microsoft updates but it won't allow me to update and I also get a notpad window that pops up after startup that contains what looks like a file name, are these two things related to my FakeAlert problem and can anyone help me get my stuff back, please!


      p.s. I ran the FakeAlert stinger yesterday, i am now not getting the pile of error messages pop up, but still can't find anything


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