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    VSE 8.8 Customise MSI

      Hi All, sorry about the moan in the message !!

      The schools located in Tameside, Greater Mancherster, England, have been offered, perhaps forced, the use of EPO and VSE. I have tried to get my head around EPO which is an extremely complex package to get up andrunning in a week, so I think my best option is to use VSE880.msi to install the anti-virus via a GPO to all the PC and laptops. The question is…..


      It is possible to customise the VSE880 msi file with “SuperOrca” or even produce a transform file to allow the following defaults…


      Auto update from McAfee Website daily @15:00 or from a mirror on the server

      Full scan daily @09:00

      License to Perpetual


      I notice the command line install does not allow any of the above to be configured. Pity, as this would have been ideal.


      One suggestion – All I needed EPO to do is install VSE to selected PC’s / Laptops, configure the update time from the server or if that was not available from MacAfee website and setup the daily scan. THAT’S IT !!the rest would come later on……


      There is NOT one easy to follow “How to Do this” to be found in the hundreds of pages of text in any of the PDF’s supporting the products. Not one video on Youtube to do what I would guess 99.999999% of people would want to do first; simply install EPO, get the agent installed, get VSE installed and configure scan and update times.





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          Hi Mate,


          You should try with the tool provided by McAfee for that purpose it is called McAfee Installation Designer .

          Whit this tool you can modify  all settings for the package


          This tool is available on the download site, you only need your grant number.

          In the package in the download site there is also guide whit information how to use it.