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    "Secure Search" popup on SiteAdvisor 3.4.0.  for Firefox Question.


      I use "Firefox" as by primary browser.  I recently loaded SiteAdvisor as add-on extension onFirefox.  I activated it.  And it look like it is working correctely (that is my search results have the green  check marks on it est.)


      But I am getting a "Secure Search" popup it saids it is an enhancement to siteadvisor.  It saids it will block dangerious sites and correct my mispelling.  There are two check boxes to activate two additional features and then there is a finish bottom to press.  The two check boxes are "'Activate Secure Search box within SiteAdvisor (recomended)" and "'Activate Secure Search on your browser (recomended)". 


      My questions is what does these check features do?  On the siteadvisor features  McAfee did a good job describing it but no on these additional enhancements.  Did someone publish an article on "secure search" to get more info. 


      The other more important questions.  If I check these marks and activate "secure search"  how can I uncheck it in the future.  I know I can deactive "site advisor" by going into firefox and deactive the add-on.  But how do I deactive "secure search" if I activate them and keep my siteadvisor activated.  Or another way of asking this question is how do I change the setting of "secure search" once it is running or can I? 




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