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    McAfee links in Google & other search engines or pages blocked

      I could not get to any McAfee site from Google, Bing or any web page with a McAfee link.  I found the solution after searching.  I thought I had a virus but it turns out that at some point when I am using Internet Security Suite, that mcafee.com is placed in internet explorer's trusted sites.  The solution that I found said to remove these entries from the trusted sites listing, which I did, and it fixed the problem.  My question is why does this blocking occur?  Is McAfee aware of this?

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          Strange ... I checked my IE and mcafee.com is in the Trusted List; I googled for McAfee and clicked the link for mcafee.com, and was connected to the site without any problems.


          What version of IE are you using? And can you post a link to the advice you found about removing the entry from IE's Trusted List?


          This may be a Microsoft problem.

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            I am using IE8.  I did have malware and a fake-alert virus on my computer and perhaps that is what caused a blocking of the trusted sites.  I am looking for the solution and I will provide the link  to the solution as soon as I find it.

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              As I was looking for the link which told me to remove mcafee.com from my trusted list to solve my blocking problem, I came accross another posting which indicated that in the custom level settings of trusted sites under the security tab, the entry for "websites in less priveledged web content zones can navigate into this zone" should be "prompt".  I checked some old notes and found that I had changed the "prompt" setting to "disable" because of prompts I was getting for amazon.com and msn.com when linking from google.  Now I am prompted to enter mcafee and after saying yes I am allowed to access mcafee websites.  Thanks for bring the fact that it was just me that was having problems.  This allowed me to find the proper solution to my problem.


              However my old problem of being prompted for access from google to MSN.COM or AMAZON.COM now is back but is really not a problem.  I get a prompt saying that "res://ieframe.dll" is in my trusted list and asks me if I want to allow it.

              When I check my trusted list the only other item listed besides mcafee.com is "about:internet".


              Any thoughts about this?

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                As a general rule your browser should not allow - or should prompt for permission to allow - access to a site in your Trusted List from a site that is in a less trusted zone. Remember that at the bottom of the pile are any sites that you have marked as Untrusted (Restricted, in IE). They should not be able to open a site in your Trusted List without your knowledge. The best thing to do is to check the box for Disable in IE's Trusted Zone settings unless you really don't mind other sites having that access. All of this has to do with "Elevation of privilege", which is one of the main tricks hackers use to get control over someone's system.


                What follows is the official Microsoft explanation :

                Zone Elevation Blocks


                Detailed description

                Internet Explorer prevents the overall security context for any link on a page from being higher than the security context of the root URL. This means, for example, that a page in the Internet zone cannot navigate to a page in the Local Intranet zone. A script, for example, could not cause this navigation. For the purpose of this mitigation, the security context ranking of the zones, from highest security context to lowest, is: Restricted Sites zone, Internet zone, Local Intranet zone, Trusted Sites zone, and Local Machine zone.

                Zone Elevation Blocks also disables JavaScript navigation if there is no security context.

                If a user clicks a link that causes the Web site to attempt to navigate to a higher zone, navigation is blocked for navigation to the Local Machine zone, but a dialog box will appear in Internet Explorer when a Web page attempts to open a page in a security zone that has a higher security context and you will be prompted as in the following message. The italicized portion changes, according to the security zone that the Web page is attempting to navigate to.

                • The current Web page is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list. Do you want to allow this?

                In any case, the default action does not allow the zone elevation. The user must explicitly allow the requested zone elevation.

                Why is this change important?

                Elevation of privilege is one of the most exploited vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, with the ultimate goal of running malicious code in the Local Machine zone. Zone Elevation Blocks helps mitigate many privilege escalation attacks.

                What works differently?

                Navigation from one zone to a "higher" zone is blocked. This means that Web pages that automatically call more privileged Web pages fail.



                "res://ieframe.dll" is a stored image that comes up sometimes saying "Page Not Found". "about:internet" is in my Trusted Sites list as well and I've never had a problem with that, so you might as well leave it there.


                The msn and amazon prompts are probably caused by advertisements on the page, but maybe also by embedded Javascript. To get rid of all these prompts have a look at this page and see if it makes things any clearer. It refers to IE7 but the principles are still the same.

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                  Thanks for your detailed, yet concise summation of this security feature.  It helped me understand what is behind all these prompts and will help other users who are experiencing this type of security blocking.  Thanks again for all your time and efforts.