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    McAfee nDLP Prevent

      Hi All


      please share with me your expirience


      what will happen in case McAfee nDLP Prevent appliance goes down? Will it make impact on email/web  traffic? Can we configure Prevent in such way that it will allow us to avoid situations of traffic blocking?

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          On Web - you have to configure it as ICAP server for you proxy server and when you do so, you have usually 2 options: fail open/fail closed. Fail open means the proxy will carry on transactions although no answer was received from the NDLP appliance, fail closed means it will no longer server client requests (Fail open/closed are options found on you proxy when configuring the ndlp appliance as proxy server)

          EMAIL- you have to configure it as next hop for e-mail so if it goes down...e-mails won't leave your company anymore. There are ways of assuring the e-mails still leave, but it depends on your intrastructure.



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            Thank you George!