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    services.exe removal

      My total protection detected services.exe threat, but is not able to clean it.

      I have already run stinger, not even detectected this threat.

      I made a quick serch, and only find superantivirus offers solution, but as a McAfee paying customer I would appreciate a Mcafee solution.

      I found only paying help on the website, thats why I tur to this forum before turning to superantispyware.

      any help is apreciated!

      (sorry for the grammatical mistakes, i am not a native, and writting from Hungary)

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          Peter M

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          If McAfee detects it, can you say where it detects it?   Also what is your operating system and service pack?


          If McAfee detects but cant remove in regular mode did you try booting to Safe Mode and running VirusScan by going to Computer (My Comnputer in XP) - right-click the hard drive and select Scan.


          Hover over the taskbar icon to observce progress.

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            In safe mode nothing is detected.

            it is in the processes, so I need to donwload a task manager or something to see what process is malicious?

            I have  windows 7.

            Thanks for your help!


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              Peter M

              I hope that's Windows 7 SP1 or else it isn't supported.   If not there's help with that here: https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2205


              If you feel McAfee wont remove it then download, update and run the free version of THIS tool.   If the infection prevents it running in regular mode, that tool allows all those operations to be done in Safe Mode with Networking.


              No antivirus is guaranteed to remove everything bad that one encounters on the web.

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                I am having the same problem. In safe mode mcafee doesn't detect, but when I run it through normal window boot it detects services.exe but cannot remove it. It states to restart and try again, but same result. I have Win 7. I tried the other free scan and it doesn't see it either.

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                  Did you try Stinger try it in safe and normal mode.


                  That said also download and run getsusp it will if it finds the file send it to Mcafee and they will make a new dat to cover it.Ensure your email is added to the program preferences.

                  The programs are mentioned here

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                    Downloaded both and running as I type. I really hope you guys find a solution. The virus is very strong. I clean my system entirely and somehow services.exe hides itself somewhere. Mcafee can sometimes see it (normal boot), but cannot remove it. Then it creates all the viruses/trojans I cleaned/quarantined after a few hours. I even tried system restore. It also hides any virus scans I install. So after a few boots I can no longer see mbam or other third party reputable scans. I hope this works out. I'll keep you posted.

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                      When u install MWAB rename the folder and exe to another name. that might help.

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                        Tried Stinger, Getsup, Safe Mode, McAfee with all updates possible. I cannot get rid of services.exe virus.


                        Same conclusion: McAfee sees it, but cannot delete it. All methods above seem to find other trojans and viruses, but once they are cleaned services.exe sticks around and recreates them all again. Any additional suggestions?

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                          Did getsusp find it? It does not remove anything found but tells Mcafee who updates their dat to fix it.


                          Did u add your email addy to its preferences?



                          Some other things would be.

                          where did Mcafee actually detect it? Not is restore area?

                          Try cleaning all temp folders use the windows disk clean up tool.

                          Did you try superantispyware?

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