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    Renewing through paypal?

      If I'm doing something wrong, please tell me, but I've tried to renew through paypal, but after the confirm order and  logging into paypal pages, I get 'Add New Credit Card or Debit Card'.


      What is the point of being able to pay through paypal, if you are then asked for credit card details - Visa/Mastercard/Discover which I don't have.

      Surely it defeats the purpose of having paypal as a method of payment?


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          So have you used paypal before? You can link a bank account to it if you want though I use a smal credit limit master card.

          PayPal allows you to purchase a subscription using your PayPal account. The following information is required to purchase a license with PayPal:

          • Subscriber's email address
          • Product(s) you want to order
          • Name
          • Billing address
          • Full telephone number
          • PayPal account information


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            Thanks for the reponse.


            Yes I have used my paypal account before, but not to renew mcafee.


            I put in all that information above but it still asks me to choose a credit card at the final step as below indicates...





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              Did you try calling PayPal to see if they can offer a clue?


              Australia:  1 800 073 263 (Toll Free Number)


              I had that happen once here in Canada and it was a glitch on their web page.




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