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    Audit deletions in EEM Console?

      In my environment, there seems to be a growing problem with users and/or machines being deleted from Endpoint Encryption. Management wants to know what, if any, auditing can be done to see who is doing the deletions. I don't think it is malicious, just a lack of education and comprehension. I am planning to scale back the admin levels on a particular group, but until then, is there a way I can tell who has deleted what object? I have been through the Admin guides and I can see audit codes, but no real way to get any information out of them. I look at the deleted objects, there is only the option of "restore" or "delete". I can't find any other area that might provide this information.


      Thanks in advance.


      Environment details: EEM version

      Server OS: Windows Server 2003

      Users: Approx. 1600

      Systems: Approx. 1500