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    Major slowdown after UNINSTALLING McAfee SaaS and installing McAfee through ePO



      I have a big problem with some of the computers in one company. The background looks like this:


      - earlier, some computers came from different places, and they had different installations of McAfee (SaaS, Endpoint Protection, Consumer etc.)

      - all computers are in a Windows Domain (Windows SBS 2008)

      - on the Domain Server, I installed ePO 4.6


      The problem:

      - the computers should get the McAfee Virus Protection installed automaticaly - some did, some didn't. I don't know why. I had to manualy remove earlier installments of McAfee and wait for the instalation of the agents through ePO - this is a smaller problem, can live with it

      - some computers after uninstalling the earlier versions of McAfee had a big (I mean like 10 minutes and more) slowdown during boottime - before the login window appears. I have no idea what to look at to solve this problem. I turned off most of the services, each startup program and so on - without any luck


      First I thought it was because of the installment of McAfee through ePO, but the slowdowns occured BEFORE ePO installed anything, so it's not that.


      Please help me solve this problem, without the need of reinstalling the desktops.