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    Issues with VS 8.7 via SMS

      We are deploying the Framepkg.exe agent software using SMS to client machines and then executing with the following command line:
      However, some users (so far approximately 12) are getting errors as a result:

      1) Web Apps gives Windows Script Host code 8007007E errors on startup
      2) irregular/unexpected behavior:
      a. Windows Search fails to show dialogue box (only office assistant shown)
      b. Links in Internet Explorer, not working/responding,
      It appears that if we reinstall McAfee by deplying the agent using the ePO then the issue is resolved. Have you heard of this error before and is there a way we can resolve it without having to manually deploy the agent again using the ePO?

      Clients : XP sp2
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          We repackaged the McAfee Common Framework
          It works lovely distributed with SMS.

          reg, Henno.
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            Darren you dont say wether this is the agent or the VSE causing your problems, but I'm assuming its VSE 8.7 as the agent itself would not have a lot to do with any of those issues.

            Is it possible that the version of vse 8.7 you are deploying has default policies inherent to it that cause these issues before the agent checks back and picks up your EPO policies for VSE 8.7.

            you could repackage the VSE using deigner with the policies already applied and test this....