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    Force McAfee agent to download and install VSE



      We are running EPO 4.6.0 Build 1029 and trying to deploy VSE8.8.0.877 to the network. The agent version is EPO is running on a Windows 2008 R2 server and we have a Windows 2003 R2 domain controller. The clients are running Windows XP SP 3.


      I work in a school and have about 500 computers that I'm trying to deploy VSE 8.8 too and also 460 laptops that are to be given to students to take home; these need VSE 8.8 installed also.

      I'm having trouble getting the agent to immediately download and install VSE. I'm deploying the MFEAgent.msi to all the machines via GPO. I'm finding that when I select a random machine to check if it has VSE 8.8, it has the agent installed and it's running, but hasn't attempted to download VSE. When I manually force a policy update, it does get the policy from the server, but then schedules the deploy task to be installed at a later time.

      This won't work because we are going to be imaging the laptops in batches of 20 or so, and need the agent (once installed via GPO) to immediately check and download policies from EPO then download VSE. Once they are disconnected and in the hands of the students, some will connect them to the network, others might leave the laptop at home etc so it needs to be done right the first time, otherwise I might not get the chance without manually collecting them all up again.


      This also goes for the desktops, they all appear to have downloaded and installed the agent, but even when I send an agent wake up call, in the agent log it appears to be sending PROPS and receiving policies, but isn't actually downloading VSE unless I manually select that computer in EPO and select Actions > Agent > Run Client Task now.


      I shouldn't have to do this for every machine, I need it to be completely automatic and the agent forced to gather policies and install VSE immediately.


      Can someone please suggest a server tasks that could acheive this?

      I know how to find all the unmanaged computers, but I need a query to find computers that has the agent installed but not VSE and then a sub-task to immediately install VSE over any existing version (if there's one present)

      This can then be run each day (for the desktops).


      Is there a way to force the agent to connect to the server (without being woken up) and download VSE immediately? This will be crucial when we are imaging the laptops,


      Also, I can't get my VSE: Version 8.8 Compliance dashboard to show anything more then 19 computers compliant out of 420. I'm positive there are more then 19 that have VSE8.8 installed. I have compared the 19 with other PCs that apparently aren't compliant and can see no differences. They all have the same version of VSE, same patch numbers, same DAT numbers, Scan Engine numbers etc, can anyone shed any light on this?


      Thanks for your help.

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          In ePO, when these machines hit the ePO, do they go into lost and found, ro do they get automatically moved into someplace in the system tree?  And if so, does that place in the system tree have a Product Install task to install VSE and do so immediately?


          In my experience with 4.5 agent and 8.7,  when I drag a machine into a subtree tree that has an client task that does a product install, and is configured to "immediately"  within a couple minutes of  hiting that machine with a wake up call, the install happens.  You can monitor it in the agent log ( http://clientip:8080/  in some configurations).

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            Hi Regis


            The machines are appearing in ePO in their correct OUs because they are being synced to Active Directory. There are no machines in lost and found.


            After checking all the settings again, I saw that under the System Tree > Assigned Client Tasks, it only had the Guided Configuration Update Task and not  the Guide Configuration Deploy Task, so I added that in and will now wait to see if the machines start installing.


            How do I check if the deploy task is set to run immediately?

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              I'm not familiar with Guide Configuration Deploy.  In my ePO, under client tasks for a given subgroup, the task has Configuration and Schedule tabs to the task.  Under configuration, you'd verify the product install task for the version of VSE you're using,  and in the schedule tab, look at Schedule Type, and  choices include daily, weekly, monthly, once (prompts for a time), immediately, at system startup, when idle, at logon.    Immediately is what I assume you want.