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    McAfee Agent "Installed Product" and "Deprecated" mismatch




      I was wondering if there was a solution to this issue:


      I upgraded all machines in the domain from McAfee Agent to through a client task. Most machines had no issue with this, but around 5% are now showing both Agent versions. How can I get these machines to upgrade to the newest McAfee Agent version? The client task does not seem to work on these machines.



      The ePO server is version 4.5.5 (Build 1188, or Patch 5).





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          Can you try doing a full-props wakeup call to some of the affected machines - does that have any effect?

          (By this I mean a wakeup call with "get full properties" selected)


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            Hi Joe,


            Thanks for your response.


            Full props won't do it.


            On the individual machines, I see this upon log in:


            No choice will do it.

            Executing the MFEAgent.msi manually from the folder will result in the same error message.


            Attempting to uninstall the oder Agent results in this:



            When I go through the process descibed in KB65863 (How to Manually remove McAfee agent 4.x), deletion of certain McAfee keys fails with this message:




            Updating to the new Agent version by using the FramePkg.exe itself, I get this:




            I am at a loss. I can't uninstall the agent, I can't update it, and users get the first described message over, and over again when they first log on.


            Has anyone experienced this issue so far, and if so, how can I fix it?





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              What's happening here is that the MSI package for the previsou version of the agent is missing or damaged, so the uninstall fails. Please open a case with support - there is a tool available which can address this problem.


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                Thanks for your response. With Microsoft's Fix It tool, I am able to completelt uninstall the damaged Agent, but, this is a one-by-one fix. There are 560 machines in the domain currently displaying this error. I am sure you will agree that there is no way I can manually fix all these machines.


                The tool you are speaking of, can it be scripted so that I can deploy it en masse?


                Can you speculate as to why this is occurring on so many machines? What may be causing this? I need to know the reason so that I can avoid it next time there is an update.





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                  I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the tool - I would imagine it's scriptable, as in it can be run from a login script and so on, but my colleagues will be able to confirm that.


                  The only thing I can think of that would cause this would be if somehow the original MSI package was removed. Given the number of machines involved I'm guessing it would be (for example) if the MSI file was located in a temp folder that was subsequently cleared - but that's just a guess.


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                    We found a rather easy solution to this problem (Thank you SF)!


                    1. Copy the MFEagent.msi from a machine that is working properly and still has the older agent installed.


                    2. Place it to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework of the error-ridden machine (we use Altiris to deploy software and files)


                    (You may need to disable McAfee VS's Access Protection Rules under Common Standard Protection which prevent McAfee file modification for this to work).


                    The error messages will disappear after this.


                    I had to install the new McAfee Agent through Altiris though after this, since the agents stopped communicating with the server. But this was easy compared to logging on to each machine manually in order to run the Fix It tool, or even rebuilding all machines.