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    On Demand Scan Setting

      Dear friends,
      In my organization i am using VSE 8.5i with Patch 6.1. In the On Demand Scan Setting for threat found action I set it [B]Primary Action [/B]As Clean files and secondary action as continue scanning. And also same for unwanted program detection.
      After the scanning completed some of the unwanted program as like Trojans are not removing it is showing as [SIZE="4"]No Action Taken[/SIZE]. I want to change the setting for unwanted program detection secondary action as Delete Files or no need. I having doubt in the secondary action setting, suggest me in this issue.

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          I use Clean as first option and delete as the second one. Why would you want to keep infected files that are infected. If its a legit program that's infected you'll have to reinstall it anyway.
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            I agree with Turift. The default setting for ODS is to 1)Clean and then 2) delete the files. I can't think of a good reason why this setting would be changed to anything else.

            Also, you must remember that not all files can be dealt with right away. Often times Virus scan must wait until it has full access to a file before it can clean/delete it. This full access occurs once a reboot has occurred. After the reboot, Virus Scan will deal with the infected file before any other services get attached to it.

            Hope that helps!