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    EPO orchestrator 4.6 and Hotfixes

      We decided to  add a hotfix 625756 in every viruscan 8.8 patch 1 and the way we are usually working is

      to distribute this hotfix by our distribution tools : SCCM or Landesk


      the problem is : i installed the hotfix in the epo orchestrator 4.6 and now, when someone has a fresh installation

      of Viruscan 8.8 patch 1. The hotfix is installed not by our distribution tool but by the EPO (we got a message which explain

      it installs the hotfix).


      How can i avoid this ? do i have to suppress the hotfix from the EPO Orchestrator ? is there a flag to activate or disactivate ?


      Thank you





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          You need to uncheck VSE 8.8 from the Product update task so that VSE 8.8 patches/hotfixes will not be deployed to the client machine.

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            Thier are actually several ways this can happen. Please see KB57905. The easiest way to prevent this is to check the patch into the evaluation branch and don't put it in the current branch until you are ready for a broad deployment.


            I should mention that KB needs to be updated as thier is another scenario where this can happen. Anytime a client completes a deployment task which actually installs a product it will trigger a on-click update and a one-click update will apply any update it finds in the repository for any product currently installed.