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    Deploy/Pull VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i

    Florin Ionescu

      Hi there,


      This is my second thread on this forum.


      I managed to install for the second time on the same machine the ePolicy Orchestrator (thanks to *hem) and I want to ask you what is, more exactly, the ePO Agent ?

      Is it the Antivirus that can be pulled on any machine on the network or is it something else ?

      I want to deploy/pull from ePolicy Orchestrator the VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i app to a test pc from our network.

      I added the machine in the "Systems" table in Orchestrator but when I select it and click on "Deploy agent" I have just one option and this is the so-called "ePO Agent 3.6.0".

      How can I edit this and make it install the VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i on the system I want?





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          Before anything else, I'd recommend reading the Product Guide for the agent - it has quite a good introductory section that explains what the agent is and what it does  

          If you don't have a copy it can be found here: PD23185


          HTH -



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            Florin Ionescu

            Hi Joe,


            I read a bit about the agent and understood what it does.

            The problem is that I don't have enough spare time to stay on this task / for documentation and I must finish it as soon as possible.

            I want now to make a test and push VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i from the console to a computer in our network.


            These are the packages I have in the repository, right now (see screenshot).



            Now, here's when your help will come in handy:


            I will firstly need a link (I searched and found nothing) with the *.zip, *.exe file of the VScan870i package and after that I'll need to know if it's possible to deploy this with the actual agent version (3.6) or if it`s a must to search for a newer version of it.


            Waiting for your reply




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              Hi Florin,


              As Joe suggested you really need to read the product guide for at least a general overview of how ePO works.


              You can also, look at the videos on the ePO product and deployment which are very useful- you can find them here: https://mysupport.mcafee.com/Eservice/productdocuments.aspx?strPage=1&pl=0


              However, You are running ePO v4 which is now end of life as is agent version 3.6. If you are starting afresh you should be installing the latest version- ePO v4.6.

              (Assuming you have no existing products that require upgrade before deploying v4.6)



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                Florin Ionescu

                Hi there,


                I don't have time to read the documentation!!!


                I just want to get a bit of help because I have many, many more tasks as well and I don`t want to spend 2 weeks just to deploy some antivirus on a test pc.

                I want to know:


                -what do I need

                -where can I get it from

                -how it should be done

                -anything else that`s important for this operation




                Sorry, I don't want to seem rude but I really can't spend so much time with an application.

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                  With respect, if you don't have time to read documentation, then a text-based web forum might not be the ideal place to ask for help...  the best-case scenario is that someone types out step-by-step instructions, which is exactly what's in the documentation anyway.  If time is the limiting factor, then the first video in the link that jmcleish posted will walk you through the process, and runs for four minutes. 


                  If at all possible, though, I would strongly recommend taking some time to read the docs: the ePO/agent combination makes a complex and powerful system, and to get the best out of it requires a bit of work - but it's worth it