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    Laptop Reboot


      I just recently bought McAfee  for Dell because I had a virus and since then my laptop has been rendered useless. It shut off and then keeps trying to reboot and turn on but it wont work. I cant help but wonder if this has anything to do with my recent download of McAfee. Id hate to think that an anti-virus program has caused a problem, but after looking it up online I found that there has been issues with this. I contacted Dell and was forced to return my laptop back to its factory state, but i just want to make sure that this never happens again when McAfee reinstalls. Advice? Comments? Reasons for this?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!


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          The probable reason as of now couldn’t be understood without much information !!! Since you have got the laptop up and running , ensure to update your windows and antivirus software regularly .