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    Cannot reninstall Mcafee after attempted spyware removal



      I have recently been getting some pop ads when running Firefox and more recently had a program called Babylon change my default home page and tab links. I was attempting to fix this today and seemed to have installed another program masquerading as a free spyware program either trident ast/avg ....


      I have gone through the prcocess on bleepingcomputer.com that guides how to remove malware bytes and that picked up 3 file troubles files including hijack(er) completed the remaining steps including deleting HOSTs files, it would not however let me resave the orignal HOSTs file from the link provided.... I then restarted my laptop in normal mode..


      I am still getting ad pop ups in Firefox and Mcafee was still in OFF mode and would not let me restart scanning.... I then found a post on here which suggested uninstalling Mcafee and running MCPR clean up routine which I did..... after doing this I find that I cannot reinstall Mcafee..... Any help very much appreciated.

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          It sounds like your hosts file is still corrupted with Mcafee links precluded from being accessed.


          You removing malwarebytes? Why that is a legit program if you got it from www.malwarebytes.org maybe the post's wording was awry. What was the program that was installed? Did you try replacing the hosts file in safe mode?

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            Hi Tony,


            Thanks for reply, I mistyped above. The instructions for removing malware on bleepingcomputer.com included installing malwarebytes. When I ran this it picked up 3 troiuble files one of which was called either hijack or hijacker something... it then gave additonal instructionals which were to delete the Hosts file and then resave from a link in the instructions.


            It's No 24 on the instructions http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-cloud-av-2012


            The above was all done in safe mode.....


            Further to my orginal post I found another post here https://community.mcafee.com/message/221427


            I follwed Dinesh's instructions and when using IE it allowed me to reinstall Mcafee from my account.


            I thought it was all ok, Mcafee says on, all good but when I attempt to run a scan quick or full it errors outs after a few seconds aying an unexpected error occurs. I also tried to schedule a scan a few minutes in advance to see if that might get around the problem but it did not start. I'm not sure if this relates to the missing Hosts file or not. I will try reinstalling the host file in safe mode again but tother than that I'm not sure what to do.

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              I created an Adminstrator profile readded the Host file and it then let me reinstall McAfee... before I did this it wouldnt let log on in safe mode it just hung so might need to relook at that... still getting ad pop ups in Firefox though...