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    Problem On-Demand-Scan with AV8.7i

      I am having problem to run on-demand-scan on win2k sp4 clients. System will reboot when it starts to scan memory rootkit. I checked on dump files which points to audio cards drivers and I exclude the driver. I start scan again and this time it reboots on ntoskrnl.exe......I uninstall mcafee and reinstall it. I still have problem with memory rootkit scan. Finally, I have to remove options to scan memory rootkit for win2k to let on deman scan. Moreover, I did not have problem with winXP clients.
      How do I fix this problem?

      thank you for any help
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          Just a question or two..

          How old are these Windows 2000 machines? (Have you kept the internal hardware maintained by blowing out all the dust from around the processor, heatsink, power supply, all vents, and all the fans.?)

          How much RAM do you have?

          Automatic rebooting of older systems running AV scans is common, especially when they have small amounts of RAM, (256 MB or less) and they haven't been dusted out with compressed air.. Such reboots are frequently the cause of stress (heat and power supply surges).

          In regards to RAM, we're having quite a few "virtual memory" popups lately because of the short RAM on our Windows 2000 computers. (Some of ours originally came with 128 MB and worked fine till the last few months when the new scan engine and larger DAT files started draining resources.) As such, I removed VS 8.7i from our W2000 computers and am testing it only on our XP's with 1 GB or more.

          Hope this helps.

          • 2. win2k
            thanks for replying. :)

            We have win2k PCs more than 4 years. We did not blow out dust on 250 machines...:p
            each PC has 384 MB of RAM (rambus).
            I did not have problem to run demand scan on version 8.5.

            I checked the log again. it could not run because virtual memory is low, this time it does not reboot. I remove option to scan memory.

            what is the best way to setup and schedule to run on demand over night? There are many files protect with password. It could not be scan. Scaning is taking more than 5 hours.

            cheers :D
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              Well...It's your choice as to whether you choose to maintain your machines or not.. But we unplug all our machines about once a year and use compressed air to keep them cool and running..

              As to the best way to schedule the machines to run a "Scheduled Scan" over night, simply open the VirusScan console, then click on the "Scheduled Scan" line and set the time to your preference.. Once that's done, if you know specific files which are causing issues, you can "Exclude" them from within Scheduled Scan settings. And remember, it may be to your best interest to scan only weekly, maybe on the weekends... If your having few problems with infections and you leave the "On Access" scanner running, it might be an option for you.

              Hope this helps.

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                Hi !

                We have the same problem.

                We have a Windows XP SP3 PRO width 4 GB RAM !!
                and EPO Agent 4.0 patch1 and VSE 8.7i.

                System will reboot when it starts to scan memory.
                Can you help us, thanks
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                  And you've tried the suggestion above? Check the temperature on that machine and keep it cooler..

                  Generally, reboots of that type are either heat related or an inadequate power supply..

                  Just my opinion here but...unless you're running 64 bit, 4 GB on an XP machine is sort of worthless.. Much over 2 GB and you don't see much of an improvement and it only adds to the power drain..

                  Hope this helps.

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                    ok but this computer is in a room air-conditioned in 18°C.

                    But before it's worked perfectly width VSE 8.5i....
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                      Having same problem with reboot on XPSP3 OS. System has 1.5GB RAM, Correct Power Supply, and is cool.
                      I finally got a scan to run by setting system into Diagnostic Startup, and Safe Mode.

                      One side affect is when the system rebooted after being set to Diagnostic Startup now the OS claims that it needs to be activated in 3 days. Some people reading this may not want this to happen to them.

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                        We also had problems with the rootkit scan option and WinXP, installed patch 1 for VSE 8.7 and problems are gone.
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                          Laszlo G
                          Sometimes the reboot is caused by a rootkit, as akl71 said you should try first with McAfee Rootkit Detective