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    Anti Virus Plus installation trouble with windows 7 starter

      Hi there..              

                   I've been using Macfee AntiVirus Plus for the last one year withot troubles. Suddenly updating stopped and prompted to reinstall the software to trobleshoot. So after renewing my subscription for one more year I've uninstalledthe software and run MCPR also. Then downoaded antivirus plus again from my account, when I run the set up for installation, it starts searching for any threats and after a while saying 'searching the web to download files to clean the threats in your pc', then after a few minutes everything stops and diaplays the message 'THREAT CLEANING PROBLEM" and thus I'm unable to install my AntiVirus Plus.

      I would be grateful if anyone could assist me. (I can't do the installation in safe mode also as I use a wireless USB modem for the Internet!!) [I do not have any other anti virus files in my system too.]