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    McAfee 8.7i will not update from offline repository for regular users

      First off, Hello everyone :)

      The problem I'm facing is very weird. My shop consist of main Windows XP machines running Novell Clients. Out backend is mainly Netware and OES servers. On Each machine, we were running 8.5i with the autoupdate feature pointing to one of our Netware servers. This netware server is mapped under each workstation as the W Drive. Normal user accounts have read+write access to this drive and are under the User's group in Windows XP. If I take a fresh upgrade or install and try to update, it will say cannot read catalog.z file (If I have the update repository pointed to our own repository). If I update via HTTP, it works perfectly fine for normal users. If I think point it to our repository after updating, it reads the catalog.z file but not cannot download a pkgcatalog.z file and stops. Again, if I set it to HTTP, updates perfectly fine for a normal user. Now the funny thing is, normal users were able to update from our repository just fine on 8.5i with no problems. Does anyone have a clue why this does not work on 8.7i? Should I rebuild the repository?