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    Problem Getting Rid of Trjoans

      For the past month or two McAfee has been showing trjoans found afterscanning my system. Sometimes I also see that a virus has been found while thescan is being done. Once the scan is completed it usually always shows that afew trojans have been found. Usually between 3 to 5.


      McAfee then says the computer is secure and no further action is required. However each time the computer is scanned again, it still finds more trojans.


      I have followed all the instructions recomended here:




      - Scanning in safe mode

      - Running the Mcafee Stinger program

      - Ran Getsusp & submitted what it found as threats (adobe download assistant, adobe widget browser and tweetdeck).

      - I also ran Malwarebytes (renaming the .exe as recomended) and SuperAntiSpyware numerous times and neither found anything.


      The threat found today was Generic Exploit!d2m. Another that was found last week was Downloader.a!bbx (Trojan).Generic Exploit!cmc


      I'm not sure what else I can do but I really would like to stop this permanently.If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.