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    Unmanaged Systems


      I have a question - why systems became unmanaged? I've notice a lot of systems that are unmanaged in my server, and I don't know what to do with them.


      Thank you!

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          Machines will show unmanaged if either they don't have agent installed or agent is not communicating to the server.


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            If the agent is not installed or if the system does not reports to epo at all, the system will be classified as unmanaged by the epo.


            Need to install the agent on the system in order to make the system as managed.


            You may also check if you have any AD synchronisation enabled. AD sysnchronisation will just import the hostnames from AD & make them unmanaged!

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              I have clients that didn't communicate for a couple of months but still are in a manage state. So how long it takes untill the system became unmanaged?


              And if you can, I have another question... how can it be that there are two clients with the same name and IP address and they are both managed?


              Thank you for your answers!


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                If the machine communicates to server (even once) then the status will changed to Managed and will stay till you delete the machine and readd it.


                Regarding second questions, you need to customized the 'display columns' and see at which property both the machines differ. That will be the reason why there are two entires.

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                  Thank you!

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                    How do i delete unmanaged machines from the server task coz when i delete the obsolete unmanaged machines manually  they tend to comeback again in the epo.


                    Here i would like to create an task  for  certain unmanaged machines so that  they are  permanently deleted form the epo


                    Thanks & Regards

                    Vijay Narayanaswamy

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                      If a machine is reappearing in the ePO tree in an unmanaged state, it means it's being manually added to the database - usually by something like an active directory sync task or something like that.

                      The only way to prevent it from reappearing is to exclude it from whichever task is importing the machine into the tree.


                      HTH -



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                        I have been having a similar issue too recently, the computers seems to stay in a managed state but the last communication field doesn't seem to update.

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                          This would imply the client can't talk to the ePO server...the first place to look is in the agent log on an affected client: are there any error messages indicating a communication problem?