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    Are others having this happen?



      I was curious if others having this issue. On 12-21-11 after an update, I have noticed some changes:


      1. There are no new "threats detected". Previously it would log dozens of entries daily.

      2. No new quarantined items. Previously I would empty it daily to keep it from becoming full. No new BUP's have accumulated.


      I don't know if this is a problem, so I am curious if others have noticed this change.


      1. When was your last "threat detected"?
      2. Did you notice a sudden absence of entries?
      3. What's the date of your last quarantine entry?


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          Ditto. Same exact problem dating back to the same date. Nothing looks to be detected since the Dec 21st update, no cookies detected, nothing in the quarantine folder. It's getting close to two weeks since people have been reporting this issue, but there have been no updates or anything else to suggest that this is getting looked at. Nothing found through MVT.


          The same old "uninstall/reinstall" answer through customer service won't fix it.


          I know others with the same issue but they aren't taking the time to post anything on this forum so I appreciate you bringing this up again.

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            Thanks, Klinker.


            I checked for files changed around that date/time. A text file: {9B49996C-6291-4616-B5B4-03791ACB464C} located at C:\ProgramData\McAfee\msc\logs struck me as a possible cause.


            The reasons why:

            1. It was modified at 6:18 PM. Last logged event was at 5:28 PM.
            2. The text has a lot of instructions regarding logs. It's a 6969 KB file.



            I'm no computer expert, so if I am barking up the wrong tree, someone let me know.

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              Same issue here with two computers. One stopped adding items to the 'Threats Detected' log on Dec 21, the other on Dec 22. Nothing new since then.

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                McAfee software is just poorly engineered not worth the money you pay for it, i suggest you take it back and ask for your money back and then post an abusive message to McAfee they are just terrible!!!!

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                  You would only get new threats detected and new quarantined items if you are in the habit of continually downloading infection laden stuff.   I posted in THIS thread that I am raising the question as to why Tracking Cookies are suddenly not being detected and support already knows about that aspect.


                  If you spot a bug then Technical Support needs to know about it in order to open a case and get it fixed.

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                    I also I have checked that cookies are not detected from December 21 as the doubleclick that I always detected and now not

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                      The tracking cookies issue is known but I am chasing it up on our Conference Call with McAfee management on Monday afternoon.