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    If McAfee wasn't free for me...

      I believe it was Site advisor that says it blocked a harmful outgoing connection, but doesn't even say which port or address, and I can't find this information in the logs?  So obviously that has to get disabled.

      McAffee GUI is constantly locked up even when a scan isn't in progress. (Just shows a gray box)

      When a scan is in progress the computer is completely unusable (dual core, 2GB, 2 Ghz)

      Firewall is crazy.  I'll add new exceptions to the firewall and they simply won't take effect until restarting computer, sometimes I have to readd the same exception after computer restarted or after an update from McAfee.

      The Firewall get's into some "lock down" mode and no connections can be made to the computer (this hasn't happened for a couple of months and might be fixed)

      If an announcement window get's placed off the side of the screen from a remote desktop connection with a higher resolution.  There is no way to respond to the buttons since you can't reposition the "fancy" borderless windows.

      So you might say, click the button on the remote desktop, but that's why I'm on the compupter in the first place!  Because a mcafee scan is in progress and RDP is locked up at the black screen because it can't get a slice of time.


      I'm beginning to think that there is one thing worse than viruses...

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          Peter M

          Moved to SecurityCenter.


          At default settings none of this should be happening, except in one instance only when a programme asks for permission and that happens only when the software is first installed and should be once only per permission request and should take effect immediately.

          That is caused by the firewall not SiteAdvisor..


          What is your operating system and service pack?   That information is available by right-clicking Computer (My Computer in XP) and selecting Properties.


          Also what version of Internet Explorer is installed, whether you use it or not?  To find that open it and go Help/About.


          Did you or do you have any other security software installed?


          Lastly what version of McAfee is installed?  Open SecurityCenter by double-clicking the taskbar icon and select 'About" and give the version numbers please.


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            Thanks for the quick reply. I like your avatar.


            As far as the connection blocking issues, there are two seprate problems here:

            1. Blocking of outgoing connections which I don't seem to have any fine grained port control (I guess it's called Net Guard not SiteAdvisor) and the blocked address is available but no port which is why I had to disable it.  (You're saying this is not the case?)

            2. Suddenly McAfee starts lockdown mode by itself and blocks all connections.  Again, the last few months it's been stable and I don't get that concerned about it unless McAfee is asking me to do an update.


            Perfect example of firewall going crazy is with StarCraft 2.  It creates a brand new executable for each update that is performed.  This is a nightmare, but even after I've made the exemption for the new exe, I still can't get through until I reboot.  Don't have this problem at all on my windows 7 machine with McAfee and Starcraft 2.


            Your also saying that you can move the alert windows by clicking on the top of the pane?  Because I can only do that with the main McAfee Window, not the alert windows.


            Biggest problem I have is the GUI going unresponsive and not able to do anything, we MUST have a throttle option in McAfee to use less CPU resources...


            OS: XP SP3

            IE: (I don't use it)

            McASC: 11.0 Build:11.0.649 12/26/2011

            McVS: 15.0 Build: 15.0.294 12/31/2011

            McPF: 12.0 Build: 12.0.345 11/18/2011


            No other security software installed.

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              Peter M

              No I was saying that once permission is granted for something that should be the only time you see an alert.


              However in this case I really am not sure what's going on.


              Perhaps you should open a case with Technical Support, it is free via phone or online chat. - see the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


              Glad you like the avatar by the way ;-)




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                Thanks for your time, I didn't expect much of a response!  I'm not sure it's worth the time for a tech support chat just to hear a similar assesment.

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                  Peter M

                  It's your choice, they are the experts.  We can only guide you and give advice from our own experience.  Good luck.