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    mcagent.exe - Application Error


      Hi there.  I'm a 'definitely-not-computer-literate-golfing-grandma'!  I'm new to this group as up until now, I haven't had any major problems with my McAfee program so have had no need to discuss anything.  However, for the last few weeks I've had the following error message pop-up to greet me:


      "The instruction at "0x424ccc93" referenced memory at "0x424ccc93". The memory could not be "read".


      Click on OK to terminate the program

      Click on CANCEL to debug the program"


      The pop-up stays at the front of my screen until I either click on OK, Cancel or X.


      Can anyone out there tell me what this is all about please and how to fix or get rid this nuisance? 


      Happy New Year to All.