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    McAfee Security Centre is not responding when I try to uninstall

      Hello there


      I am trying to uninstall mcafee security centre from my windows xp pc. But, for some reason unknown to me, when I try to uninstall it through the control panel, all that comes up is a non-responding white square on the moniter that is presumably the application window trying to run, but failing. Even when I just try to open up the security centre, the same thing happens; a fully white square that is the non-responding window of the application. It says on the task manager that the mcafee security centre is running, but I have no way to interact with it, and when I close the mcafee security centre through the task manager, it closes without any fuss, and the blank white square goes away too. So, what can I do to uninstall mcafee security centre, seeing as it is not responding to anything?


      Your help is very much appreciated