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    ePO 4.6 - Reset Assignments

      In 4.5 we could see a list of clients that had been assigned to a task and we could reset all or select clients from the list to reset.


      How is this done in 4.6?


      When I click Edit Assignments the page presented makes no sense. I can't see whcih clients are assigned and there isn't a way to remove the assignment(s).

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          Let me see if I can help you here. If I understand the question.


          Using best practice all client tasks should be created un My Org and disabled/enabled as needed. 


          When a task is created all systems will receive that task usles you use tagging that says only run taks on systems with  "xyz" tag and not on system swith "abc" tag.


          It is easy to mange task using Tags.


          There also built in quries that show you assigned tasks to systems. To run this query go to Quries and Reports, Shared Groups and then Policy Assignment. You can also create your own. Click new and selct Policy Managment.

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            Best practices.... Where are these documented?


            My problem is I have some assignements left over from previous versions of ePO, perhaps not create with "best practices."


            I'm working "down the tree" in our departments OU. If I open Assigned Tasks at the OU level I see several legacy tasks that are no longer applicable that have the Edit Assignments link underlined. I click the Edit Assignments and I'm not given any options that are helpful. I see the Inheritance section but it is already set to inherit from higher in the organization. I don't seem to have a way to discover which objects are assigned to the task nor do I have a way to reset the inheritance.

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              If you select a group object in the system tree, and then select the Assigned Client Tasks tab, you should see a list of the tasks. One of the columns should be "Broken Inheritance", and if any objects lower in the tree are not inheriting this task, then you should see an entry here (for example "5 don't inherit".)

              If you click this entry, you'll be taken to a page listing the machines that have broken inheritance, and from there you can reset the inheritance as required.


              HTH -