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    Virus Scan 15.0.294 practically unusable.

      I have current Total Protection suite. Since the update on Dec 19th 2011 Virus Scan is practically unusable:

      -- OnAccessScan process is running for more than 10minutes after each reboot, making any other actions on the computer unusable.

      -- The program lost ability to download new DAT files. I'm getting pop-up 'Your computer is not protected', checking for updates manually, getting message that everything is up to date, but 2 hours later the same nightmare repeats.

      -- Start of some programs is inacceptably delayed. After clicking Skype icon I have to wait for 70 seconds, because McAfee virus scan process checks something, beor any Sky activity is visible.


      Virtual technician told me which version of DAT I should have, but was unable to download it for me. I had to search website to get it.

      Unfortunately even SuperDAT is not helping because it cannot update engine (the message says that I have the latest version - but what if this version is total crap?)


      BTW the website is not much better than the program: in search results, when I click 'Next>' I randomly get 'Page error' without any explanation.

      Also, why in the Chat & E-mail area of the website there is no way to select e-mail, only chat and forums.


      I'm getting sick and tired of McAffe. Any help will be appreciated. Otherways I will have to request money return. BTW, McAffe found the way to charge me for service extension although I intentionally did not provide new credit card number after the old expired.


      My computer works with Vista SP2 with current versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE.