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    Event ID: 1292. VSE unable to clean/delete malware

      OK so i received a notification from my EPO server that VSE was unable to remove some malware.

      Event ID 1292: file infected. Undetermined clean error, OAS denied access and continued


      I looked up the certain piece of malware on the McAfee Threat Intelligence site and the user is actually a DAT version above the requirement needed for removal.


      Apparently this seems to be categorized as Critical and I would like to make sure it can be removed.


      My question is how can I remediate this? I have searched around the corp knowledge base and have not come across a clear answer for this issue. Either that or I am searching for it wrong.

      Anyone experiencing the same issue and/or know a fix for this?




      EPO 4.6

      VSE 8.8

      DAT 6573


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