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    Set low priority for scan32.exe?

      Version is registered 8.0 Enterprise edition.

      scan32.exe seems to start up spontaneously (not scheduled in the virusscan console).

      It just suddenly appears in taskmgr. I notice instantly because it essentially causes the computer to grind almost to a halt, the machine becomes unusable.

      If running as administrator, I can use taskmgr to lower the priority from Normal to Below Normal, then the system is once again usable as scan32 runs in the background.

      However, running as limited user, I don't have permission to lower the priority of the task. Ironically, I can still terminate the task, which is what I have to do to continue working.

      Is there a way to make scan32.exe ALWAYS start with Below Normal priority no matter what invoked it?

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          It wont be starting spontaneously it will be a prior scan task with the apply missed task running, for instance your admin sets an overnight virusscan scan but then ticks box to apply this task if missed and then it kicks in the next time you log in after a missed task.

          complain to your AV admin and get them to reduce the CPU level of the scan task if its causing issues, this is an option set in the original task
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            Thanks, that might help track it down. I just did a "repair" this weekend, maybe that will clear out cobwebs in the scheduled tasks.

            CPU time is not the problem when this issue occurs. When it's running, CPU is 0-2%. The problem is some OS resource besides CPU time. Lowering the priority of the task fixes it. Seems like common sense that scheduled scans should run at the lowest priority. It actually acts like it's running at higher than normal priority--in other words, the whole computer bogs down terribly--as if it would if you bump up something to higher than normal priority using task manager. In my opinion, this is a problem at the core of how scheduled scans work. It's not enough to manage their CPU time; they have to run at lower than normal priority, too, since they hog system resources besides the CPU.

            Anyway, the internet told me: "runas /noprofile /user:administrator taskmgr" since I have the administrator password. Thus I can lower the priority of the task without killing it (and causing it to come back later). But that wouldn't work for many people who don't have administrator rights. Also regarding our admins: they scheduled managed scans to start at 5PM instead of, say, 3AM. Crazy; at least half the staff are still here at 5PM.