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    McAfee Email Scan Warning


      Version = VirusScan 8.7i
      OS =Windows 2003 + SP2
      XenApp 4.5 (Citrix)

      Sometimes when a user open Outlook 2003 they get a popup warning below:
      "E-mail scan protection is disabled. Restart Microsoft Outlook and Mcafee Engine Service to enable protection."

      I think e-mail scan was unselected during the installation of VirusScan.
      How can I suppress this warning message/dialog box.



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        • 1. RE: McAfee Email Scan Warning
          disable the addin within outlook 2003

          advanced options
          addin manager
          remove outlook scan addin check
          NB you may also have an exchange addin left over from old version remove this is ticked too.
          restart outlook

          the outlook addin functions are held in extend.dat file in each users profile, you may or may not want to remove these from the pc and they will regenerate when users open outlook.
          • 2. McAfee Email Scan Warning in Outlook 2007

            I have a similar problem as JR above.

            OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
            Microsoft Outlook version 2007

            When I receive emails, a pop up appears stating, "E-mail scan protection is disabled. Restart Microsoft Outlook and Mcafee Engine Service to enable protection."

            How do I fix this in MSOutlook 2007. I tried the suggested fix for OL 2003, but under Advanced Options, I can't find the Addin Manager so that I can uncheck "Remove Outlook Scan Addin Check."

            Any help?

            M Ridzon
            • 3. McAfee Email Scan Warning in Outlook 2007 on Windows 2003 (XenApp 5)

              I have the same problem as M. Ridzon and JR. I have no Addin installed en the message comes randomly. We have an Windows 2003 with Citrix XenApp 5 envirement and it's with some users and on different servers. Also when the message appears, the Engine Service is still running and also the options are all enabled. It started last week, before that there was no such thing...

              I hope there's someone with an solution.

              • 4. McAfee Email Scan Warning in Outlook 2007 on Windows 2003 (XenApp 5)

                I now know when it happens... it is only when an email has an attachement. I'm going to look further in to it.

                Keep you posted.


                B.null Olthof
                • 5. McAfee Email Scan Warning in Outlook 2007

                  We have several (15+) machines running McAfee VSE 8.7i and all have Outlook 2007.

                  The only one that got the error this morning was:

                  Version: 8.7
                  OS: Windows 7 (BETA / RC1)
                  Microsoft Outlook version 2007

                  Not sure yet if it was on the Sending email bit, but i could not find any events that shows what the error was all about. Not in the Event logs for Windows or in McAfee logs.

                  Does anyone have an idea yet what can cause this?
                  • 6. Re: McAfee Email Scan Warning

                    I am having a similar issue but on a XP SP2 PC and using Outlook 07. One difference is that the user gets this message even if there is no attachment. Wondered if anyone had heard of any solution before I try reinstalling the AV.

                    • 7. Re: McAfee Email Scan Warning

                      Having the same issue. I have unchecked the "Outlook Scan" box in the "exchange Client Extensions" and it rechecks after a reboot. Have also noted that it happens usually when sending an attachment from Outlook 2007. Have removed and reinstalled McAfee 8.7 and the ePO 4.5 agent and ran a repair of Office 2007, still recieve this error after the box automatiaclly checks after rebooting.

                      Any help is appreciated.

                      • 8. Re: McAfee Email Scan Warning

                        Funny thing is that I never had this problem before until I installed VSE 8.7i Hotfix 539488 on my PC. Now I get that pop-up warning almost everyday.


                        When I check my VirusScan Console, it shows On-Delivery E-mail Scan is still running. Only way for me to correct it was to close Outlook and reopen it.

                        • 9. Re: McAfee Email Scan Warning


                          If you no longer want to use Outlook Scanner in VSE, you should delete "Outlook Scan" value under


                          Make sure you back up the registry you intend to delete. Also, restart Outlook. In some cases, you need to restart the system to force Outlook to recreate it cache.

                          As long as a software such as GroupShield for Exchange or Domino is scanning emails and (preferrably) a Gateway Scanner is doing that too, there is no reason to scan emails locally using VSE Outlook Scan.



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