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    Idiot question

      This is an idiot's question I fear, but after I run a full McAfee scan and am shown that my computer is protected and no viruses detected, a check on the full report shows 1 trojan was detected. Shouldn't this trojan have been removed during the scan?

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          Yes and that can often include unknowns so nothing to worry about.  Any actual quarantined items should appear in your Quarantine folders.


          Access those as follows:


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter (or right-click)

          Click Navigation (top right)

          Click Quarantined and Trusted Items in the list below, you may have to scroll down

          Click those sections to expand.


          Not an idiot's question by any means.


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            Moved this to VirusScan by the way, for better attention.

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              Many thanks for the helpful reply.  I am still a little unsure, however. The full scan reports that the computer is secure but the Trojan is listed as having been found in the full report. I have now done a full scan twice (and a quick scan once) and the trojan is still in the security report. As you recommended in your helpful reply, I went to Quarantine but it wasn't listed there. Do I take it from your reply, Ex-Brit, that I can happily ignore it... or should I be doing something to remove it. If so, what?

              (Apologies for originally posting my question in the wrong place. I told you I was an idiot.)

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                I think there's either a glitch in the user interface that makes it constantly show that (mine does too) or else it refers to something in the past that's long gone.

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                  Actually, it’s the security center’s way of letting the user know what items and infections had McAfee removed off their PC . Moreover, Quarantining is a way to safely isolate and neutralize an infected file until future action can be taken - When a file is quarantined, there are 3 things that VirusScan does to render the file virtually harmless.

                  • The file is encrypted with an algorithm that can only be decrypted by VirusScan.
                  • The extension of the file is changed to .VIR and the file is locked.
                  • The file is moved to the quarantine directory.


                  So, hound, if a file is quarantined , there is absolutely nothing we have to do further as already they have been taken care by the above 3 process. Hope that answers your doubts


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                    I think the question is now: Why does the summary say trojan quarantined when there's nothing in the Quarantine folders Dinz?

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                      I don't wish to derail this thread, but  is  this related to what is going on here:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/41529?tstart=0  ?


                      Peter, have you checked your "threats detected"? Do you have any activity beyond 12-21-11?

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                        It's possible but I doubt it.  The summary is a total since the last major update.  Mine for instance shows now 8 trojans detected which is in actual fact the same piece of software erroneously detected as an Artemis detection 8 times...each time I restore it.    I've submitted it to the labs as a false detection.  So as you can see it isn't always an accurate reading.

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                          Just as an aside (and I had to reply to this post so I could quote you)

                          ludd_gang wrote:


                          Peter, have you checked your "threats detected"? Do you have any activity beyond 12-21-11?


                          fwiw, the last entry I see in Threats Detected was a cookie at 03:43 on December 22nd, which would have been immediately before an update - they always seem to come at about 4AM if I'm doing an all-nighter.

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