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    Can't install McAfee Agent


      I have a problem while trying install mcafee agent on one of the computers that I manage.

      When I install the agent and open the mcafee agent monitor, it's writing there "static" instead of "agent service is now running". After uninstall and install again, it's sometimes writes "agent service stopped".

      What is the problem? Why I can't install the agent? (I've tried to restart the service but it doesn't change anything).


      Thank you all who can help me! 

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          Kindly follow the command to uninstall the MA c:\program files\McAfee\commonframework\frminst /remove=agent


          And restatrt the machine and install the McAfee agent this will works u fine

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            Thank you for your reply!

            I wrote the command: "c:\ptogram files (x86)\mcafee\common framework\frminst.exe" /remove=agent

            but there is an error: "The parameters is incorrect. [It's already in unmanaged mode and cannot be removed]".

            What does this mean?

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              c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\common framework\frminst.exe" /forceuninstall

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                Does the server is able to ping the client as well as the client can be able to ping the server ? if its kindly create a new framepkg.exe file and start the MA agent installation...

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                  Tristan - that's how I uninstall the agent and it doesn't working. I've uninstall and install the agent a couple of times.


                  lakshmanas - the client can ping the server and the server can ping the client. When I installed the agent, I took new framepkg from the server...


                  I think the problem maybe is because of the client. What can it be?

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                    So that the issue is agent nat able to get the information from the server could u check the client machines sitelist.xml wheather that xml file is having correct information about the ePO server .....

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                      Could u pls post the screen shot of the error msg so that we can get clear idea about the issue....

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                        How can I check the sitelist.xml? I tried to replace the sitelist with the one I export from the server but nothing changed. Maybe I didn't do it right - I've just delete one and copy the new. But if this is the problem, why other clients can connect to the server while this one can't?


                        I'm sorry, I can't post the screen shot... But I can explain what the problem is...

                        This client has an agent but the server says it's UNMANAGED. So I uninstall and install again. After it says "mcafee agent setup completed successfully", another window pop up - "windows configures mcafee agent..." but it's cancaeled, and when I opened the Agent Monitor, it writes "static". Sometimes I uninstall and install again - it writes (agent monitor) "agent service is now stopped". I go to the service, and I can't start him.

                        By the way, in the add&remove programs the agent is there...

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                          I would start from fresh.


                          1. c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\common framework\frminst.exe" /forceuninstall

                          2. reboot  <- v.important step as uninstall then reinstall of agent never works properly, it always requires a reboot in between

                          3. If you can run the Microsoft installer cleanup utility MSICUU2.exe and remove any references to the agent.

                          4. reboot

                          5. Disable the firewall on the client

                          6. deploy agent from ePO server to the client


                          for steps 3 &4 the utility used to be avaliable from the Microsoft website but i think it's been retired but it's possible to find it through Google


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