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    Four laptops stolen, they can be recovered with this help

      All this security is as good as the moment your laptop is stolen. The last two laptops were stolen with trick and violence, the others only with trick. But since it is equipment connected to the internet I think with online tools they can be found. McAfee constantly tries to contact the machine and of course this apps need a way to distinguish instances (for billing purposes). It is three Acer Aspire One with McAfee included and one Gateway with another antivirus. The apps are in various stages of registration, though all went through automatic registrations and were used in the area of Manhattan, NYC. I would appreciate if federal authorities were contacted with information from this site. Particularly, serial numbers and MACs can be found in the respective company records under this suthor s name. Some common sense applies as to the conditions of those records. I can provide more information confidentially. If course it is important to me to recover them, it has been a spree of thefts and system crashes for the last twenty years, fourteen computers stolen total so far... which is why I think all efforts should be made in this area as connected equipment should be unstealable and the thieves are very likely the same and acting as an organization. Of course I ll appreciate all information delivered to this account and of course I want to RECOVER THE EQUIPMENT and the software in it, the real  goal of the thieves. Some may be positioned in government offices, though...

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          One of the laptops is blue, the other white, the third one brown with a mark. The Gateway is shiny black. Why is my avatart pic not showing up?

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            Synto it's up to the machines' owner(s) to contact authorities, who would in turn hopefully contact whomever is appropriate for information, including McAfee if necessary.   I doubt McAfee has such information as serial numbers and MACs in any case as I believe all the accounting department reads is the machine's OS name.   The ISP might however.


            Customer Service may be able to advise you on what is legally possible.




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                If you open your account on the Mcafee main page you will see each subscription you have . Open the relevant subscription and in the table you will see IP in 1 of the columns. Click on this (view) it will show the IP for the PC name. If it does not show check the left hand corner the IP address is shown in the javascrpt details. If you are lucky Mcafee has redetected the Ip address and that should help in tracking the laptops.


                This all Mcafee tracks but tech support can confirm more maybe

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                  I am citing the reply I obtained from calling 212 340 2480: We are not going to do anything as such... Where such meant tracking the laptops through the internet, inspecting security cameras, interrogating witnesses, use a dog to track the belongings... I have the police report 11-15814 or 11-1584. You are not reading me, I AM THE OWNER of the machines. I sought them and purchased them. I used them. I dislike very much your implications and insinuation. The authorities will NOT contact anyone and that was very clear from my followups and that phone call. Is McAfee an anonymous new company? No. It has years in the industry and direct contact to other big industrial houses. The machine names are very relevant, one included a portion of the serial number, the brand also has only so many laptops in the wire at most, other data comes from other sources but it can be matched and correlated. If authorities are so technology unsavvy and newbie that they do not know how to do it nor have the will, it is responsibility of computer users and people in this industry to help protect its own technological base! Understand that now my laptops and their contents are in the hands of real criminals and several other crimes may follow the theft. This company may be a target to erase or confuse whatever records it has! I think customer support, your billing department and the ISPs you are in contact with should work this case together as an example of security awareness in the computing industry.

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                    I assume you posted this before reading my post. Remember that is is a community forum staffed by volunteers not paid by Mcafee but only users who want to help out. some mcafee staff popin but if you have a problem mcafee needs contacting. I will on your behalf ask a high level tech we have contact with but my suggestion above could help you.

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                      Only the IP. The laptops connected only to a limited number of local wi fi networks. All networks I ve seen with a splash screen are reported the network card MAC. In the 802.11x rfc the MAC is a necessary component of the protocol, so all wi fi devices are unique, distinguishable and trackable. Then there are software audits, arent there? I am aware what thieves of my computers want is the software, it can be audited and evern post-mortem recovered. I dislike very much going through the effort, because it has become an EFFORT, to select and purchase a laptop to discover later that it is stolen... in case the laptops were resold, which I do not think.


                      I think McAfee must keep records of instances sold, registered, purchased and not purchased, updated, not updated and the like, as it does keep asking for updates and giving notices. Other providers like Microsoft and Google, and the laptop manufacturers would have similar relevant data, but as I said what an established company can achieve in terms of information crossing and contacts is very different from what an individual can achieve. This IP is for DHCP server Physical address: 90-00-...

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                        synto I meant no disrespect in my reply.  We can't get involved in legal matters here.  You will have to speak to Customer Service and they will advise you accordingly.   Tony has told you how to access the account.   As you will see that only gives rather limited information, but Customer Service may be able to help further or at least advise you what to do next.   You can phone them via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                          Oh, I am not afraid of legal matters! On the contrary, I want this to be a legal matter because policemen in oh so sophisticated! NYC insist in placing my reports as lost property when it is downright theft and assault and this time thieves managed to get my citizenship documentation as well. This medium is superior to phone calls, this is not personal, this is an open public discussion and is being publicly recorded for future reference, even legal reference. I know by experience, and have the emails to prove it, that customer services usually fall short of being fully useful! In this case I think technical support is more adequate and it is a matter of principle. They have access to this files.

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