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    Download latest version

      Some of the computers we have are on a very slow (satellite) internet connection.  It is near impossible to install SaaS over that connection.  How can I download a current version of the installation file?  I tried downloading the vssetup.exe file for silent installation.  However, it is not the current version - it is from July 2011.  As soon as it has installed, it tries to download the latest version, which is well over 100MB.


      Version on McAfee web site:

      Current version: 5.2.3 Patch 3

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          The only way that we can download the latest version of McAfee SaaS endpoint protection is through standard URL installation method. It will download the latest software packages directly from the McAfee download server. It needs a steady internet connection without any intermittent issues.


          VSSETUP will download the software with the previous version or with theolder patches. McAfee will update the previous version/patch with the VSSETUP file whenever any new version/patch released. We have not scheduled for any upgrade in VSSETUP file to install the latest version.


          Since you have the satellite internet connection, the URL installation may fail to download all the required software packages and VSSETUP may fail to upgrade/update the latest version/DAT files due to intermittent connectivity issues.



          RaviShankar. R

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            So what is the solution for companies with slow internet connections?  Change to another companies products?  I wish I had received this unhelpful answer before we renewed our subscription.  Why cannot McAfee update VSSETUP?

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              EDIT: Apologies i've just reread you original post and where you said 'satelite' i thought you meant a site on a WAN not a satelite internet connection. The suggestion below might not apply.



              You could try a bandwidth controlled proxy server.


              We've been experimenting with the Policy Based QoS in Win2008 for our ePO server. Basically you can specify the maximum Kbs throughput for a specific subnet through AD Group policy.


              In theory if you applied the QoS to a proxy server then pointed your client to install SaaS via the proxy server you could control bandwidth usage over the links.


              Not a ideal solution but if you had the resources at hand it could be worth investigating.


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                Please be informed that the VSSETUP file you download will have only the older version 5.1. The older version installed needs to updated to the latest version in order to get its DAT file on a daily basis.Obviously the older version installed will start its upgrading process as the McAfee updates.


                This will take some time to upgrade and update as it has so many DAT files to be updated with a large file size. This upgrade process is only for the first time update and moving forth the update will take less than a minute to complete as it is updating the same day's DAT file.


                Iwould like to suggest you to install McAfee through VSSETUP using a pen drive or a flash drive. Remember, Only the upgrade process takes time and not the update process. You will face some difficulties only for the first time update. 


                Installation and upgrade process is not an easier one unless you have a good internet connection.



                RaviShankar. R

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                  Tristan - thanks for your comments.  It does not really apply to our configuration.


                  RaviShankar - Surely it is not an unreasonable (or unusual) thing to want to be able to download a current version of the product?  How hard can it be to build a new installation file?


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                    Hi davidbstanley,


                    We understand your concern and we apologize for the inconvenience that you are going through.


                    An installation file is created when a new version of the McAfee software is released or a major upgrade is being done to the existing McAfee software.


                    McAfee sends updates to the software on a daily basis depending upon the outbreak of different infections/malicious software that are being released. The DAT files on the McAfee software which is installed on your computer is being updated every day. Now, updating the installation file daily with respect to the updated DAT files is not possible as the engineering team would have to keep updating the installation files on a daily basis.


                    So, what McAfee does is it updates the installation files only after a major upgrade or a major patch release or a new version release. Other than  that we just use the same install file and after installation the day to day updates which were released are downloaded from the McAfee Updates Sever to keep your McAfee software up to date.


                    Please reply back if the above does not help you.



                    Pritish P.

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                      The problem is that the installation file has not been updated after the last major update to version 5.2.3 as I said in my original post.  If it had, there would be no problem.  I fully understand that it is not practical to add the daily DAT updates to the installation file and it is not a problem to download those.

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                        Please be informed that 5.2.3 is the last upgrade. So there will be no Install file upgrade till there is a 5.2.4 upgrade or a new version of 5.3 release. Till then the install file will still remain the same and after installation happens you will have to update to the current DAT version by the automatic updates that happens as as the install finishes.


                        From our side, we shall raise a request to the Engineering team regarding this issue and we shall see if they update the installation file.



                        Pritish P.

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                          Pritish you are not reading or understanding what I am saying.  I know that the current version of the product is 5.2.3.  The version of the setup file on the web site is NOT 5.2.3.  It is 5.2.1.  So it is NOT the current version.  If it was there would not be a problem.  Why can you not get version 5.2.3 onto the web site?

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