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      I have Mcafee Internet Security. When I do a scan. The scan report comes clean . But when I click on report I notice it says Trojan Detected 1. I tried to locate it could not find any details in Logfiles. I also went to Navigation and Trusted Items . Could not Locate details. I also went to c:\programdata\Mcafee\virusscan and went to quantine folder. Deleted all the quantined items. Did a full scan in safe mode and normal mode. Still I get the message in Report that Trojan deteted 1. Can you help me.

      Can you let me know which file is infected or name of trojan or location. I have Windows7 and Mcafee internet security purchased in July 2011.

      Note I also did a full scan thru other Antivirus s/w like malwarebytes and Adware. They did not detect any trojan.

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          Is it saying detected in the scan you did or in the past? Can you take a pic of the report and post it here please


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            It says Trojan deteced 1 every time I do the scan. When I go to History and logs located in Navigation tab and open the History and logs . It says Exploit Blacole detected on 12/24 and was quantined.

            I did a scan multiple times today in safe mode and normal mode. The scan completes saying Scan is comlete and no virus found, Your compyter is secure but when I click on report it shows trojan 1 deteected. Is my pc safe.  Scan from adware and malwarebytes comes clean.
























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              Note I also went to the location of the file located in c:\users\appdata\locallow\sun\sun\java\deployment\cache\6.0\20 .


              I also cleared all Java cache .


              Cleared the quantine folder of Mcafee. and then ran a scan The scan completes saying your computer is secure and 0 virus and spyware deteected . But when i go to report it shows Trojan detected 1 .

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                Looking at the 1st pic it says 17 full scans and I feel the 1 trojan detection is for the 17 scans. As I felt it appears to be a summary of the scans shown on the left.

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                  Thanks , I wanted to know how frequently the report gets updated. Does this get cleared monthly?

                  I wanted to see aclean report ie 0 virus, o Trojan , 0 Rootkits.

                  Also wanted to know can I assume that My Laptop is safe and no trojan is present as the Scan comes out clean ?


                  Thanks for your  guidance

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                    That is an interesting thought. Will ask the techs if there is a refresh. An uninstall reinstall will of course clear it but should be an easier way.


                    In 2012 beta I am teting you can ask to view issue from last 24 hrs or all time seems no clear option. Maybe add the thought as an idea in the ideas forum....


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                      Ok thanks . I will await a reply from techs. I had seen somewhere in the forum that Mcafee log file's automatcially is refreshed every month. hence will wait for month and see. If not I will uninstall and reinstall and see if the scan shows -.0 virus, o Trojan , 0 Rootkits

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                        We also saw that the quarantine folder is flushed then to but it was not so see what the month brings