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    Need help on how to remove Virus "Mediashifting.com"

      Hello, i really need help on how to remove a virus or whatever it is,

      when i open my browser (Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) the browser suddenly send me to a website called "Mediashifting.com" it keeps doing that at any time.

      For exampl, if im searching for something and i click a link, the browser redirect me to Mediashifting.com, so this is getting annoying, i tried using my anti-virus to run a full scan but it doesnt remove the virus,

      I also did a little reserach online on how to remove it, but the proccess they show i dont know how to do i here is the website that tells you how to remove it http://removevirushelp.com/how-to-remove-mediashifting-com-virus.htmlt. Somes say it is a hijacker, but the point is that i dont know how to deal with it. Please i need help!