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    Patch 1 for 8.7: When??

      Dear reader,

      Does anyone have any info regarding the realease date of patch 1 for 8.7?
      We are still using 8.0.0 which patch 15 and the following reasons are making us go to 8.7:
      * 8.0.0 contains CMA 3.5.0 which is currently unsupported.
      * 8.0.0 is not going to get any more patches.
      * 8.0.0 appears to be using more memory then 8.7.
      * CMA 3.5.0 will stop working soon when McAfee changes back the catalog.z.

      We like to upgrade to 8.7 with Common Framework 4.0 in one go, but like to patch it to patch 1 directly.
      So we are waiting for patch 1 to be released...

      Anyone from McAfee?

      Reg, Henno.