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    McAfee Total protection vanished off computer


      I downloaded the total protection on Dec 15th, it downloaded just fine and I set up a date and time for full scans etc, today I tried to access it on my computer and it had vanished!

      Could not find it anywhere, called tech support, the tech got on to the computer, eventually downloading it again, everytime I asked what happened to my download and has my computer been protected from the 15th until today, I got several different replies, "It was wiped out" then, "oh, yes you are ok from today..." then, a bunch of silences, I am so frustrated, cannot get an answer.


      Was my computer being protected or not, where the heck did my download go??? worried if I have viruses on the computer now, what can I do to get someone to help me and put my mind at rest? 


      Thanks for any help