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      Since rolling out VSE 8.7.0i using ePO 4 we are unable to remotely manage clients using DameWare.

      I have added an exclusion to the PUP section but still unable to use clients that have the DameWare agent running, or install on new machines.

      Do I need to add multiple exclusions?

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          from the access protection logs within the vse 8.7 console on an affected pc what rule is being triggered when you try to use dameware?
          then create an exception for the dameware at this point.

          I havnt seen this myself with my 8.7/dameware setup
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            There is nothing about DameWare in the any of the logs!?!?!?!?!

            It is strange that it works fine on computers that currently don't have VSE installed!
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              More info needed

              what are the connection errors in dameware?
              what happens on the windows app log of the relevant machine?
              are you sure your not blocking but not reportsing some access protection rules?
              are you sure there are no entries in the OAS log
              when you exempted the PUP did you put in the full RemAdm-DWRC entry
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                It's OK sorted it.

                The DameWare service files had been deleted from the PCs.

                Would VSE have done that?
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                  yes if you have not excepted RemAdm-DWRC as a PUP
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                    How do we allow the remote service on McAfee policies?
                    How to allow the remote:service – Dameware
                    We have added the file name – DWRCS.exe, but this still does not work.

                    Access protection log:
                    24/04/2009 12:25:40 PM Blocked by Access Protection rule System:Remote C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DWRCS.EXE Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent remote creation/modification of executable and configuration files Action blocked : Write

                    I have added this into the "Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent remote creation/modification of executable and configuration files" option, but still dameware is blocked.

                    Any help would be appreciated!
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                      This has been answered (or at least responded to) on the other thread you posted the same query on ! - please don't post the same question multiple times it just causes confusion.

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                          Thanks happy
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