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    Artemis documentation?

      I've been test running 8.7i since it was on the beta downloads area and we have a small set of client desktops running it through ePO for testing currently. I've read through everything here, on mcafee.com, and the support portal and I'm not really finding any seriously useful documentation. I know how to turn it on and off, and what I need to do to enable it in On-Access.

      However I'm trying to find documentation on the "Sensitivity levels" and how to white/black list items. We did a telecon today on the product and they mentioned you could white/black list items, but never mentioned how. In order to white/black list items do we have to do it via the normal antivirus scan exclude or should there be another area we can do this from?

      On the matter of sensitivity levels I know what Disabled is of course, and from the McAfee Q&A it says Very Low only reports back to McAfee but doesn't do anything on your end, but what are differentiations between all the other levels?